Foolishly locked my self out of my car in probably the coldest night of the year! My husband had the spare key, but he was on work in Orlando so I didn’t want to bother him. I called Be Secure after finding there number on the phone and they came in lass then 10 min to my surprise.The technician was  super friendly and got me into my car in no time. If you are too stuck out of your car I’m defiantly recommending calling them.
Merry Collins

We just porches our new home and our realtor recommended Be Secure locksmith if we decided to change our locks. When we called the lady on the phone was so helpful and tald us that we can save money by just rekeying our locks instead of changing them. The technician came right on time, rekey all of our locks and provide us with as many keys as we needed for free. We ended up saving over $160 for rekeying our locks instead of changing them.
Mark Miller

Got broken into my store the other day. The thieves drilled my front door lock and were gone before the police came. I called be secure to ask for advise on how can I make my lock system better. Their tech came in 30 min and  install a high security lock on my front door. He also gave me 10% off because of what happened to me. Thanks you guys.
Tiffany Brown

I locked my keys in my truck at Paddock Mall and called Be Secure locksmith, the guy showed up in 10 minutes, and I was on my way within 15. A+ Service, would highly recommend!!
David Schneider

I went for a walk with my dogs and when coming back to the house, I realized I left without my keys. I called be secure locksmith and in no time the guy showed up which I am thankful for because it just started to rain. He opened the door and was polite and professional as could be, hopefully I don’t need them again but if I do they will be my only call.
Gerry Thompson

My wife and I just purchased a home On Top of the World and of course decided to change the locks on our home. When we called in, the polite woman who answered the phone told us that we may be able to re key our locks instead of having to change them completely. We were able to set the appointment for the same day and when the technician showed up he was punctual and a pleasure to work with.
Taylor Lee

A former manager at my company was let go yesterday due to security reasons, we had to change the locks that evening. We called a few locksmiths in Marion County and nobody was able to come out that late on such short notice. Be Secure locksmiths gladly came out and we took care of everything that night. They were fast and professional and were added to our vendor list.
Bob Jackson

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