Re-Key & Master Re-Key Locks in Gainesville FL, Newberry & Alachua

Both Commercial & Residential Re-Key Service

What is Re-Keying?
Rekeying is the process of changing the configuration of the pins inside of a tumbler cylinder to match the cut depth to a New Key. This in turn makes it so that any Old Key is no longer functional. You keep your existing lock set, as opposed to a New Lock Installation which replaces your hardware entirely.

Who Should Re-Key?
Lock Owners who want to make sure that no unauthorized individuals have a working key to their Lock(s).

When Should I Re-Key?
-Move into a New Home or Apartment.
-You have a Former Employee who once had their own key.
-Roommate moves out.
-As a Landlord, for your New Tenant
-When you have too many keys in the house
and would like a Single Key to open every door.

What is Master Keying?
Master keying enables two different and distinct keys to open the same lock. A good example of someone who would be interested in this service is a Landlord of a Business or Home. This person would like a Single Key or Master Key to allow him access to any of his properties. Meanwhile, each Tenant would also have their own key, which would only allow them access to their specific unit, or office maintaining both Privacy & Security. We are the experts at master keying in Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua and surroundings.