Key Duplication

Having a spare set of keys around is never a bad idea. It may seem like an unnecessary precaution, but it's a security risk and hassle for car owners and homeowners alike when keys are missing. With each lock in a home or vehicle having a unique set of pins that correlate to the indentations on a key, locks are designed to work with an individualized key pattern. By only having one key, homeowners and car owners are setting themselves up for a situation in which they’re locked out of their property. At Be Secure Locksmith, key patterns can be matched and transferred to a brand new, blank key, providing multiple matching keys for both motor vehicles and residential properties. Our Gainesville locksmiths can even re-key current locks in a house if there is any fear of a stolen key. To schedule additional locksmith services or to learn more about the types of keys we can duplicate, contact us today!

Vehicle Key Duplication

Being locked out of your vehicle is a terrible experience. Whether the keys are lost, stolen, or locked inside of your car, the headache involved with the inability to use your vehicle while another key is created isn’t worth it. Duplicating a car key is as simple as needing the current, working key, and utilizing a key-duplication machine designed to copy the format of the original key to a new, blank copy. By taking the time to duplicate a car key before it’s lost, automobile owners won’t have to risk spending the extra money on a full car key replacement. At Be Secure Locksmith, we’re even able to duplicate keys that require advanced car key programming with your automobile. 

Home Key Duplication

With a myriad of expensive and sentimental personal belongings inside of a home, a misplaced house key can have detrimental consequences for a family. Not to mention every time a house key goes missing, you're one step closer to being locked out of the house. By having spare keys available in secure, hidden locations or left with a trusted family member, homeowners can avoid the hassle of emergency lockouts. Our residential locksmiths specialize in duplicating a plethora of keys commonly used in the home, including standard Kwikset or Schlage house keys, desk keys, and antique keys.

Key Duplication In Gainesville, FL

Avoid the stress of dealing with a lockout due to a missing key and have a backup always handy by utilizing key duplication services at Be Secure Locksmith. Our team is well equipped to provide a multitude of lock and key services for residential properties and automobiles. With a complete range of locksmith services offered to residents of Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Newberry, Lake City, and other surrounding areas, we're happy to help with any issues that may arise due to old, insecure, or inaccessible locks. Contact our residential and automobile locksmiths today!