Does Your Car Need New Locks?

When someone moves into a new home, it is a given that they will call a locksmith service to come out and change their locks. Why? Because no one except the current homeowner should have key access to your property and your valuables.

Though it is seldom given much consideration, cars are also a valuable piece of property that require keys for entry and operation. So why is it that most people who buy a car that previously belonged to someone else do not opt to change the locks? What about when you have repairs done to your car, resulting in you being stuck with two keys instead of just one?

There are a few reasons why you would need to change the locks on your car, and it is important to learn the best practices for having your car locks changed and how to spot the signs that it is time to call a professional, reliable locksmith to help with your car’s security.

How Car Cylinders Work

There are two different types of cylinders in a car, the door lock cylinder and the ignition cylinder. Though both of these cylinders use the same key, they operate in different capacities. The car door lock cylinder is just like any other door lock cylinder in that it consists of a metal tube that requires a properly-shaped key to fit the internal locking mechanism. An ignition cylinder is vastly different from a door lock cylinder in that it is designed to turn over your car’s engine.

Most new cars on the road have done away with the ignition key and replaced them with a key fob and a push-start engine. In the event that your fob stops working, many cars still have a keyable entry on door locks with normal door lock cylinders.

Your Car Keys Have Gone Missing

Sometimes we simply lose our car keys in a way or place somewhere that renders them untraceable to your specific car, like accidentally dropping them on a hike through a forest and not realizing it until you get back to your car. In this type of event, rather than replacing the entire door lock cylinder, you would simply have your car key replaced.

Other times, people lose car keys in ways that make us believe we simply misplaced our keys or left them behind somewhere. We are often confident at these times that our keys will reemerge at some point, but what you should consider is that your keys have actually been stolen instead of just being “lost.”

If you have no clue where your car keys are, and you’ve checked in several likely places to no avail, you should call a professional locksmith to have your car’s door lock cylinder replaced so you can be certain that if some did steal your car keys, they wouldn’t be getting into your car with them.

Your Key Is Not Working Properly

Just as it is with most things, sometimes older car locks just wear down over time, resulting in having to jiggle and repeatedly attempt the to open the car door lock before you can finally get in. Sometimes car keys get stuck in the cylinder, and you have to carefully wiggle them out so as to not break them off in the cylinder.

While it may seem like an inconvenience, especially if it only happens occasionally, is actually a telltale sign that your car door lock cylinder needs to be replaced. An unreliable car lock is just as likely to keep you out of your car as it is to let the wrong person in.

The good news is that you can call Be Secure Locksmith to help you with your car door lock needs. Our team of locksmith professionals will help you get your car locks back in working order quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your routine with the car you can rely on.

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